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Health project is the development of the Syrians under temporary protection status and health related services offered by the Republic of Turkey project. Between Turkey and the European Union, an agreement has signed on October 15 by 2015 “readmission agreement” within the framework of Health prepared by the Ministry “Temporary Protected Syrians Health Status of the Republic of Turkey and submitted by the Improving Related Services Project (Feelings Project)” was awarded by accepting financing. The contract on the said project was signed by the EU Delegation and the Ministry of Health and entered into force on December 1, 2016

The project will continue until October 30, 2020. Activities planned under the project also in Turkey Migrant Health Centers, Migrant Health Centers and reinforced Migrant Health Centers is to provide laboratory services to Education. It is planned that the costs of the tests conducted within the scope of this support will be covered from the project budget. In order for Syrians under temporary protection living in our country to benefit more efficiently from health services, the European Union (EU) and T.C. Laboratory services were also brought to the agenda within the scope of the project carried out by

the Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Public Health and a tender was held in this context. According to the result of the tender, the laboratory service of Syrians under protection who applied to the Migrant Health Center (GSM) will be provided by the consortium led by the Private Viromed Laboratories company, which won the Provision for Approved Laboratory Test Result tender, which was made in accordance with the EU procurement rules within the scope of the Health Project.

This service will continue to be provided in Ankara, Istanbul, Hatay and Izmir regions, under the leadership of Private Viromed Laboratories, which has the TS EN ISO 15189 Accreditation certificate, until the end of November 2020. It is under the responsibility of “Private Viromed Laboratories” to carry the material to be taken from the immigrant patient who applied to GSM and GGSMs in 28 provinces to the centers to be analyzed, to study and to forward the results to the relevant GSM.

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